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Why Production Studios?

Production studios are unique, which is why Singularity can charge a premium for the space. The special sound abatement, “quiet” heating and air, and other studio amenities allow the Company to charge rates higher than typical class “A” office space can garner, this is because the customer is not just renting a ”space”, but the perfect shooting facility.

A Good Investment

The Company's studios can allow Singularity to return to investors their initial investment, plus receive a good return on that investment. Cost controls will be utilized on land purchases, building costs, and amenity installations, increasing the value of the Company's assets. Singularity's efforts to produce great production facilities at an affordable price is the key to producing superior returns for the Company's investors.

Keeping it Simple

The best part about the studio rental business is that it is not complex. Start with the right size studio space, add good sound abatement, build in quality heating and air, mix in the proper ratio of shooting space to office space, offer enough auxiliary rooms for the wardrobe, makeup, and art departments, add ample parking for both crew and production vehicles, and you will have a facility that should lease at a great return on the dollar and shouldn't require expensive updating all the time. Unlike companies and industries that require the latest technologies, such as computers or industrial equipment which change every few months or require constant maintenance, studios, if properly built, require very little upkeep.


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